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Keith Gates: Music

Gerry Wubben

Drawings by Gerry Wubben were part of a multi-media premiere of
Portraits from Macbeth.
Gerry Wubben

Gerry Wubben is professor of printmaking and drawing at McNeese State University. He has a master of fine arts in printmaking from Indiana University and a bachelor of fine arts from Colorado State University. The artist received first place in Lamar University's Dishman Competition in 1999 and 2000 for his charcoal-on-paper works, "Sophia 1998" and "Slaughterhouse," respectively. He earned honorable mention in the competition in 2001 for his large charcoal drawings, "Dr. Paul D. Wubben" and "Gary." Wubben has exhibited his work in more than 200 international, national and regional exhibitions, including shows in Coloardo, Louisiana, New York and Texas.