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Keith Gates: Music

The Christmas Coin

Based on The Christmas Coin by Nora Burglon

A production of McNeese State University

Christopher P. Miller, conductor

Prologue (Von Himmel Hoch)

Kristine Killingsworth, soprano

Wake Up, Joseph

Barbe High School Chorus

Personent Hodie Adaptation

Michele Martin, mezzo-soprano

The Ballad of the Ghost Ship

Scene from "The Christmas Coin"
Scene from <i>The Christmas Coin</i> title=

The Christmas Coin, Opera in One Act, 1999

Cast (In order of appearance)
The Angel - Kristine Killingsworth
Nicolina, a young girl - Summer Fryar-Comeaux
Guldklumpen, her brother - Lillian L. Thierry
Olina, their mother - Carol Lines
Stina Mor, an old woman - Michele Martin
The Stranger - William McCrary
Igmar, a village caroler - Russel W. Conrad
Johann, a village caroler - James Hiatt
Karl, a village caroler - John R. Guidroz
Lars, a village caroler - Kenneth Hogan
Magda, a friend of Olina - Ashley Smith

Angel and Townspeople
Barbe High School Chorus
Maureen Baldauf
Kristine Killingsworth
Russel W. Conrad
Kathleen Mocklin
Joseph Darbonne
Beau Moss
Joshua Duffy
Nancy Orsot
John R. Guidroz
Ramona Orsot
James Hiatt
Sarah Parks
Kenneth Hogan
Ashley Smith
Jessica Kelly
Derek Stutes

The Christmas Coin Orchestra
Chris Miller, Conductor
Christy Conrad, Flute
Beth Richardson, Oboe
Amy Sheffield, Clarinet
Mike Stelly, Bassoon
Rod Lauderdale, Horn I
Andrea McGrath, Horn II
Ray Lavan, Trumpet
Tim McMillen, Trombone
Philip Tyler, 1st Violin
Jerry Zamost, 2nd Violin
Jan LaRocque, Viola
Clyde Coe, Cello
David Walton, Percussion
Keith Gates, Piano