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Keith Gates: Music

Mass in English

Offertory text by Keith Gates

Lord, dear Lord, when darkness crowds the Earth, where shall I turn?
Lord, dear Lord, where? Where shall I look to find you, when I can not find myself?

When flowers seem to bloom no more upon your Earth;
And when the sky is barren of all stars,
Where, dear God, where will I find my hope?
Where will I find my inspiration?

And Lord, can you not see me?
Lord, can you not hear me through this darkness?
Lord, can you not see me weeping?
Can you not hear me crying?

Lord, dear Lord, though I can not see you through this darkened haze, I know You're there.
Lord, dear Lord, though I can not see Your face, I know You're there.

And I know, despite this blinding path, I know....
I know that you will send your light
To show the way!